OIT Web Hosting

Who are we?

OIT Web Hosting is a small group within Architecture & Infrastructure, underneath Platform Engineering. We're led by Nan Deeprasert, IT Service Delivery Manager.

We're also known as the Web Platform Engineering team, and folks who have been around for a while might remember that we used to be one half of the old Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) group, with the Collaboration team as our (awesome) other half.

Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds and interests, but one thing we have in common is our care for the services we provide and for the experience of our customers.

Our Ecosystem of Support

Who helps us provide our services?

No team is an island, and web hosting on campus couldn't happen without the collaboration and expertise of several other groups.


The Infrastructure Operations Center (formerly the Network Operations Center) supports our 24/7 service monitoring. For critical issues, they investigate and coordinate with our on-call team members.


The Network team supports the core infrastructure for routing on campus. They lay the foundations for us to build resilient and flexible architecture, and regularly help us troubleshoot technical challenges.

Storage and Backups

Storage and Backup team members make sure our servers have the space to accommodate thousands of sites, and that we can quickly recover from disaster with our most recent data intact. 

Campus Developers

Campus web developers have been the guiding force in shaping our services. They regularly provide us with the feedback, technical knowledge, and resources to help us improve.

Enterprise Service Desk

The Enterprise Service Desk is often the first point of contact for our customers, operating as triage. Through the service desk ticketing system, our team can effectively address and document service issues and requests.


DNS is critical to web services, and helps us manage the DNS records for every site hosted with us. In the past, they've been crucial in helping us make major service migrations as smooth as possible.


Georgia Tech Cyber Security is tightly linked with our services. They work tirelessly to protect Institute websites and manage security incidents, and regularly review our systems for vulnerabilities.

Server Management

This team, which has several decades of knowledge shared between them, helps us troubleshoot the complex issues that we sometimes run into when provisioning and maintaining our servers.